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septic tank replacementSeptic tanks are used by around one-fourth of American houses. Therefore it's likely that you have one near your home. Maintaining the proper operation of your septic tank is essential to keeping your home's plumbing systems operating as they should since septic tanks ensure that wastewater is properly disposed of and broken down. 

Sometimes septic tanks can fail completely and need to be replaced, and while that is rare, it happens from time to time. While septic system replacement can be a costly project, it is vital to have a working septic tank. When things go wrong, and it is time to call a professional, Viking Septic Services is nearby and ready to help.

How Your Septic System Works

Septic tanks are underground collecting tanks where plumbing waste may decompose. The purpose of conventional septic tanks, which are commonly composed of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene, is to store wastewater for a period of time to allow particles to sink to the bottom. The residual sludge in the tank is broken down by bacteria once the wastewater has sunk to the bottom, and the leftover liquid wastewater is then pumped into the drain field.

Symptoms of Septic Tank Failure

In some cases, failures happen, and parts need to be repaired or replaced. When waste starts backing up into your home, it's time to get to work. There are a variety of warning signs to look out for that scream septic tank failure. They include:

  • The toilet is slow to flush.
  • Stinky leach field.
  • Soggy leach field.
  • Slow drains.
  • Strange gurgling from pipes.
  • Extra healthy grass in and around your leach field.

Any of these symptoms could mean that it is time to see if your septic tank needs to be repaired or replaced, and it is best to get things taken care of quickly so that you can mitigate risk exposure to bacteria-laden wastewater.

Septic Tank Replacement Near Me

There are a variety of repairs that can be made to your septic system. In some cases, it could just need a simple fix, such as a septic tank pump. However, if the issues are persistent or there is severe damage to your septic tank, it may need to be replaced. 

When it comes time for any type of septic service, Viking septic Services offers everything from a simple septic cleanout to full repair or replacement of your system. Throughout the counties of Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison, Mcdowell, and Transylvania, Viking Septic Services offers every single one of its valued clients septic service of the highest caliber. 

We are certain that we can meet your needs by being transparent and providing excellent service. For more information or to schedule a septic tank pumping, contact us today!