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Sewer Line Cleaning Hendersonville, NCAre you a homeowner in Hendersonville? If so, your home may be serviced by a sewer line. Much like septic tanks, sewers have their pros and cons, and when in working order, are often forgotten. However, sometimes sewer lines back up, and that can be extremely problematic and possibly dangerous. 

Because backed-up sewage lines can occur anywhere in the system, from your home to the point where the sewer line links to the main line, they are nearly as bad as a clogged septic tank, and your home's drains will release foul odors, much like a septic tank does.

When multiple residences or commercial buildings are connected to the same outflow pipe, it can be very inconvenient. This may occur when a building houses multiple enterprises or when townhomes and condos are involved.

Does My Home Need Sewer Line Cleaning?

While often forgotten, sewer pipes require maintenance much like any other component in your house. We advise having the main sewer line in your house or place of business cleaned every one to two years. This is particularly crucial for eateries and any other location where grease buildup in the pipes is known to occur.

Additionally, it could be time to have your pipes cleaned if you are having problems with a clog that even a basic snake cannot remove. In addition to lacking the ability to completely clean the system by flushing clean water through it, snaking is far less effective than hydro jets. 

How Does Sewer Line Cleaning Work?

One of the most effective ways for your sewer line to be cleaned is by the process of hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is very similar to power washing. It uses a machine with a special nozzle that guides a hose through the pipe to break up and wash away any waste that is built up. The nozzle itself has a powerful forward-facing jet and, in some cases, rear-facing jets.

Similar to a drain auger, high-pressure water will create a hole through any blockages, while the rear jets will propel the nozzle further forward while washing debris back. This allows for technicians to slowly work their way towards the building, starting at a cleanout near your main sewer connection.

Viking Septic Services - Your #1 Choice For Sewer Line Cleaning In Hendersonville, NC

Viking Septic Services can assist you if you're searching for a business to maintain your septic tank or sewage system. Viking Septic Services is prepared to tackle any task you give it, thanks to its many years of experience and excellent customer service!

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Hydrojet Sewer Line Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Pumping 
  • Septic System Inspection and Repairs
  • Septic System Installation
  • Sewer Scope Camera Inspection

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding Viking Septic Services or if you need assistance with a septic or sewer issue. We can assist you!